Holiday Christmas Ornament….

… is what we created in our Technique Class on Sunday last.  This lovely ornament is the one featured on the cover of Stampin’ UP!’s Holiday Catalogue.  It has been seen around the traps so often & think just about everyone has created one or something similar to it.  My ladies wanted to create this from the first time they saw it on the cover, so we set aside one of our Sundays to do just that.

Now, me being me, I didn’t copy from anyone, as I don’t go to “You Tube” & I am not one for reading instructions.  I sort of went by my nose to create it & am happy with the result.  I did forget to add the Thread to my sample, but that doesn’t take away from the whole ornament.

If you would like to create your own before Christmas, email me – – & we can arrange a class purely for this ornament.

Until next time, Happy Stampin’

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